Sunday, October 31, 2010

1995-03-15 Languid Sounds

Empty PenImage by Collin Key (a busy week) via Flickr
This program is composed of some industrial ambient music. I was just exploring the less drastic industrial sounds and how they could fit together at this time. A few sound effects and other things in to provide variety and alternative. It was also the mood of the week, sort of languid. March can be that way in Vermont as you expect spring but it is not quite there yet. But, as so often happens, it livens up as the program goes on.

Music included:  Severed Heads, Alter Ego, Link, Inner Space, Kinesthesia, Resistance D, Ultramarine, Future Sound of London, Air Liquide, Chris & Cosey, Psychic TV and a lot more.

Click to listen right away, rioght click to download:

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