Sunday, September 25, 2011

1990-12-05 Television

videodromeImage by aaron schmidt via FlickrVideodrome and related media paeans made me put together this salute to late 1980's television. There is some really nice stuff here jammed into a rather dissimilar pastiche. I do like taking things from television, then songs from television programs, sounds from movies about television and various types of more or less modern songs about television, and then to weave it alltoether into a mildly toxic gruel for your edification. I liked it quite a bit.

Music included: Videodrome, Beatnigs, Commodity Fetish, John Fechner & City Squad, Negativland, The Tubes, Stuck on TV, Frank Zappa, Front 242, Tackhead, Acoustic Iatrogenesis, Propaganda, and a lot more as well as some repeats.

Download or listen right away:

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