Saturday, August 20, 2011

1994-06-18 Cannon 1994

It is a story that goes back a ways and concerns the debate handbook we did each spring-summer to earn money for the debate program. I called on volunteer labor, and as we all know, some of that is wonderful and some is not so dependable. The point was to try and get as much effort as possible from everyone towards the main goal of finishing the project. In describing this process to people I often used the metaphor of the movie with Frank Sinatra., Cary Grant and Sophia Loren "The Pride and the Passion." [] The struggle to "pull the cannon" in that movie involves main characters, people who show up and help for a day, people who run away at night when the going gets tough, people who pledge a short amount of time -- but in the end the huge cannon gets to Avila to rout the French. "Pulling the cannon" became the expression for "working on the debate handbook."

Thus, this program. Deep in the midst of "pulling the cannon" this program is a dark industrial look at the process of focused work-drudgery. But even then it has its very relaxing side. This is an excellent program. Music included: Zoviet France, Nurse with Wound, Lustmord, Etant Donnes, Nocturnal Emissions, and even more Zoviet France.

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