Sunday, August 7, 2011

1988-02-17 Eight Track Terror

TracksImage by Sune Rievers via FlickrSorry for the long introduction, skip it if you can, but it is always nice to hear Sister Susan's Astronautica again.

Eight track studios are affordable and manageable at this point and people are doing some great things with them.

Music included:
The program begins with a lot of fairly simple and interesting eight track music made by individuals with a dour outlook, including Eric Huffman and Chris & Cosey. At about minute 31 we get to hear a live show in Portland, maine called "You will have been there," by Commodity Fetish. After the CF set (very rare live recording) we listened to even more stuff done on eight track systems, by Free World, Chris & Cosey and more.

Download or click to listen right away:
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