Sunday, October 12, 2008

1984-06-08 America, America

"Ours is a great party."

I sat in for Ira Melnick's show "Private Plane" and that allowed me to do a number of different things in a very hot WRUV-FM studio. We begin with a salute to our country. Hooray USA in a 1984 Doctor Tuna style. We also will hear a segment from the Laurie Anderson interview that had just occurred, as well as segments from the Yellowman interview that also took place at the station. This sounds like the 1984-me, I have three hours to fill, here is how I will do it, design a plan, implement it. It took Kathy Fors to teach me to be even a little bit spontaneous. But, hey, it's got good content!

Right click to download, click to listen right away (get both parts):