Saturday, April 24, 2010

1989-01-04 Train to Doomsville

Thomas the TrainImage by el clinto via Flickr
It was a new year and after a wonderful binge at the record store (Pure Pop Records, of course) I was ready for a new beginning. Strange and wonderful music shows that we can celebrate as we cascade into a dark infinity.

Music included: Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate, Commodity Fetish, SPK, Robert Tilton, Psychic TV, Forehead Brothers, Monte Cazazza, Bushmaster Quayle & the Shadows, Hunting Lodge, Broken Gender, Luciano Dari, Barmy Army, Lustmord & Chris and Cosey, Graeme Revell, Nocturnal Emissions, Blackhouse, Test Department, Paul Limos & Joe Pappa and more.

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1989-01-18 Farewell to Reagan

How could I not celebrate this day, the day when Ronald Wilson Reagan left the office of President of the United States? He had made so many ridiculous statements and presided over such a dark part of American history, that he was ideal for a musical salute.

Music included: electronic treatment of his oath of office by Bert Longsworth, Was (Not Was), Acoustic Iatrogenesis, Art Interface, Bushmaster Quayle & the Shadows, Beat the Naked, Residents, Root Boy Slim, James Brown, Bonzo goes to Washington, Test Department, Mark Stewart & the Maffia, Timezone, Art of Noise, Air Force One, Art Interface and a lot more.

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