Monday, November 15, 2010

1983-01-07 Noise Crisis

A very early approach to sounds and noises playing the role of music. This is 1983 after all, and before New Wave even happened. This is a nice mixture of early sound music, and it stands up well after all these years and it becomes a bit more electronic as it goes along. Well done, if I do say so to myself.

Music included: Kraftwerk, Computer Love, Robots, Art of Noise, China Crisis, Brian Eno, Eno & Fripp, Bjorn Lindt, Jon Hassel, Edgar Froese, and a lot more.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

1990-07-11 - Exotica

Cryo-Sleep ChamberImage by Meg I or R via Flickr
The date is almost illegible but this is how I make it out. Nice warning that people might be offended. Well, it was 1990, let's remember.  Wow, this has a lot of very interesting but very strange music. A good mix this week.

Music included:  Severed Heads, Sleep Chamber, Commodity Fetish (remixes), Pankow, Chris & Cosey, Throbbing Gristle, Legendary Pink Dots, Residents, Consolidated, Women of the SS, Tasteless Cuts, Psychic TV and a lot more.

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0000-00-00 - Police State

Police StateImage by PaDumBumPsh via Flickr
Not knowing the date doesn't really matter, because the threat of the police state is, like poverty, always with us, or so it seems. This is an 90 minute exploration of that idea -- the police state that is hidden and the police state that is not so hidden. As befits this program theme there is a lot of proto-industrial music along with some harsher beats and dance music as well. This is an ass-kicking musical experience.

Music included: Horde, Thick Pigeon, Hula,  SPK, Spig, Graeme Revell, Aqsak Maboul, Current 93, Noizeclot, William S. Burroughs, Axis, Sleep Chamber, Data Bank A, Blackhouse, Chrome, Chumbawamba, Masked Men and a lot more.

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000-00-00 - Never Ending

The famous Roland 909 drum machine. Responsibl...Image via WikipediaAnother one of those cassettes without a date.  No idea what this is all about except for the title on the tape case.
The program consist of some softer techno music with some atmopsheric qualities from song to song. I do recognize some Air Liquide in there. There was a rebellious phase I went through when I did not read a play list, which now I very much regret. It sounds very nice even without a play list!
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0000-00-00 - Global Broadcast

And you thought they were just TV antennasImage by On Alien Cinema via Flickr
I do not know the date and I can barely remember the situation. The cassette tape was unmarked except for the show title.  It seems as if the power was off and we were not broadcasting, but I went ahead and did it anyway.

This is a unique situation because I did not seem to play ANY songs that I now recognize during this show. Very odd that this would happen, but then this was an unusual day.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

1995-04-05 Present Time Exercises

William S. BurroughsImage by Christiaan Tonnis via Flickr
That funky CMK ID, "you were warned."

"Present time exercises" were some experimental tapes done by William S. Burroughs.  We get a lot of those and then a strange variety of music that I neither remember or read a p[layliost for. I do recognize the early demos of Commodity Fetish's "Machine Culture." Nice stuff and great days, those were. Too bad this clip is so short.

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1995-03-15 Languid Sounds

Empty PenImage by Collin Key (a busy week) via Flickr
This program is composed of some industrial ambient music. I was just exploring the less drastic industrial sounds and how they could fit together at this time. A few sound effects and other things in to provide variety and alternative. It was also the mood of the week, sort of languid. March can be that way in Vermont as you expect spring but it is not quite there yet. But, as so often happens, it livens up as the program goes on.

Music included:  Severed Heads, Alter Ego, Link, Inner Space, Kinesthesia, Resistance D, Ultramarine, Future Sound of London, Air Liquide, Chris & Cosey, Psychic TV and a lot more.

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1995-02-01 EZ Listening

Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph, ...Image by Beverly & Pack via FlickrLove the Monty Python "ladies" station ID to begin the show.

I have no idea where the music came from in the first twenty or so minutes. Very instrumental, dark, solemnly soothing. Then there is a nice set of Residents cuts, and then we end at the 45 minute mark, as part 2 of this show has been lost.

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1985-05-03 Industrial Party

Severed HeadsCover of Severed Heads
You have to love the samples from THE EVIL DEAD used here in this program. Still exploring and experimenting with industrial music on a Friday night. Arthur Nalis is with me again with his musical selections.

Music included:  Wired, Severed Heads, 23 Skidoo, Zazou Bikaye CY1, Chris & Cosey, Chrome, Najma, Dave Ball, A Primary Industry, Richard H. Kirk, Savage Republic, Joeboy in Rotterdam and a lot more.

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1985-04-05 Industrial Strength Party

20090207-4817_industrial-wastelandImage by cultr.sun via Flickr
Party Radio took place on WRUV-FM back in those days right after Jay Strausser's Trenchtown Rock. Armed with a raucous bunch of recordings I took on the task to entertain for three hours. Industrial music guru Arthur Nalis was there with me, but was called Mr. X. The Ride Board through the distortion mask sounds interesting.

Music included: Hula,  Residents, Blaine Reininger, Bushido, Tuxedomoon, Bauhaus, Legendary Pink Dots, Ferdinand, Swans, DNA, Test Department, Chrome, Glen Branca, Throbbing Gristle, Dome,  Des Aires, Non, Boyd Rice, Women of the SS, Richard H. Kirk, Savage Republic, Zazou Bikaye CY1, Dave Ball, Winston Tong, Stooges, SPK, Wire, XRay Spex, Honeymoon Killers, Anna Domino, 150 Murderous Passions and a lot more.

Get both parts, click to listen right away or right click to download:

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

1985-09-04 Kiss of Death

Kiss of DeathImage by rserrano via Flickr
Not sure why the name, but this is a solid program in the mid-80's style. We seem to have moved on by the more lighthearted new wave and now there is something darker and a bit more techno coming from Europe. But the impetus of the light to fight back was there, and we heard some lighter hearted stuff as well to give it a more rounded sound, even including some Go-Go music.

Music included: Propaganda,  Clan of Xymox, Shriekback, Severed Heads, Ubahn X, tv themes from the 1960's, New Order, Blaine Reininger, Shriekback, Nico, Cure, Propaganda, Sly & Robbie, Icy Hot, D Street, and a lot more.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

1989-01-04 Train to Doomsville

Thomas the TrainImage by el clinto via Flickr
It was a new year and after a wonderful binge at the record store (Pure Pop Records, of course) I was ready for a new beginning. Strange and wonderful music shows that we can celebrate as we cascade into a dark infinity.

Music included: Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate, Commodity Fetish, SPK, Robert Tilton, Psychic TV, Forehead Brothers, Monte Cazazza, Bushmaster Quayle & the Shadows, Hunting Lodge, Broken Gender, Luciano Dari, Barmy Army, Lustmord & Chris and Cosey, Graeme Revell, Nocturnal Emissions, Blackhouse, Test Department, Paul Limos & Joe Pappa and more.

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1989-01-18 Farewell to Reagan

How could I not celebrate this day, the day when Ronald Wilson Reagan left the office of President of the United States? He had made so many ridiculous statements and presided over such a dark part of American history, that he was ideal for a musical salute.

Music included: electronic treatment of his oath of office by Bert Longsworth, Was (Not Was), Acoustic Iatrogenesis, Art Interface, Bushmaster Quayle & the Shadows, Beat the Naked, Residents, Root Boy Slim, James Brown, Bonzo goes to Washington, Test Department, Mark Stewart & the Maffia, Timezone, Art of Noise, Air Force One, Art Interface and a lot more.

Right click to download, click to listen immediately:
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