Sunday, October 31, 2010

1995-04-05 Present Time Exercises

William S. BurroughsImage by Christiaan Tonnis via Flickr
That funky CMK ID, "you were warned."

"Present time exercises" were some experimental tapes done by William S. Burroughs.  We get a lot of those and then a strange variety of music that I neither remember or read a p[layliost for. I do recognize the early demos of Commodity Fetish's "Machine Culture." Nice stuff and great days, those were. Too bad this clip is so short.

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1995-03-15 Languid Sounds

Empty PenImage by Collin Key (a busy week) via Flickr
This program is composed of some industrial ambient music. I was just exploring the less drastic industrial sounds and how they could fit together at this time. A few sound effects and other things in to provide variety and alternative. It was also the mood of the week, sort of languid. March can be that way in Vermont as you expect spring but it is not quite there yet. But, as so often happens, it livens up as the program goes on.

Music included:  Severed Heads, Alter Ego, Link, Inner Space, Kinesthesia, Resistance D, Ultramarine, Future Sound of London, Air Liquide, Chris & Cosey, Psychic TV and a lot more.

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1995-02-01 EZ Listening

Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph, ...Image by Beverly & Pack via FlickrLove the Monty Python "ladies" station ID to begin the show.

I have no idea where the music came from in the first twenty or so minutes. Very instrumental, dark, solemnly soothing. Then there is a nice set of Residents cuts, and then we end at the 45 minute mark, as part 2 of this show has been lost.

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1985-05-03 Industrial Party

Severed HeadsCover of Severed Heads
You have to love the samples from THE EVIL DEAD used here in this program. Still exploring and experimenting with industrial music on a Friday night. Arthur Nalis is with me again with his musical selections.

Music included:  Wired, Severed Heads, 23 Skidoo, Zazou Bikaye CY1, Chris & Cosey, Chrome, Najma, Dave Ball, A Primary Industry, Richard H. Kirk, Savage Republic, Joeboy in Rotterdam and a lot more.

Click to listen, right click to download:
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1985-04-05 Industrial Strength Party

20090207-4817_industrial-wastelandImage by cultr.sun via Flickr
Party Radio took place on WRUV-FM back in those days right after Jay Strausser's Trenchtown Rock. Armed with a raucous bunch of recordings I took on the task to entertain for three hours. Industrial music guru Arthur Nalis was there with me, but was called Mr. X. The Ride Board through the distortion mask sounds interesting.

Music included: Hula,  Residents, Blaine Reininger, Bushido, Tuxedomoon, Bauhaus, Legendary Pink Dots, Ferdinand, Swans, DNA, Test Department, Chrome, Glen Branca, Throbbing Gristle, Dome,  Des Aires, Non, Boyd Rice, Women of the SS, Richard H. Kirk, Savage Republic, Zazou Bikaye CY1, Dave Ball, Winston Tong, Stooges, SPK, Wire, XRay Spex, Honeymoon Killers, Anna Domino, 150 Murderous Passions and a lot more.

Get both parts, click to listen right away or right click to download:

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