Saturday, June 25, 2011

1986-10-08 Subliminal

A three year old baby listening to a radio programImage via Wikipedia
I just want to say two things.
First, modern research shows that attempts at subliminal persuasion fail.
Second, if I told you what the subliminal message was behind this radio program, it would ruin it.

Sorry about the two PSAs at the beginning.

Music included: Gary Clail and the On-U Sound System, Data Bank A, Chrome, Nocturnal Emissions, Residents, Women of the SS, Faust, Fifth Column Anthology, Jackhammer 5, Maybe Mental, Joy Division, Hula, Damon Edge, 93 Current 93, Princess Tiny Meat and a lot more.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

1994-06-01 Frank Zappa

Frank ZappaCover of Frank Zappa
He was an amazing talent. He could have been successful as a jazz musician, as a gifted classical guitarist, as the leader of a radical revolutionary hippy band, a music producer, an author of stage musicals, a public advocate and a lot more. But, he decided instead to be all of these things. An innovative and revolutionary musician who did, in a very long career, achieve something that many others with talent had failed to do -- he never sold out. He always did it the way he wanted to. Frank Vincent Zappa. This is a playful salute to Frank and his life and work, and I am sure he would have wanted it that way.

Selections included: Mothers of Invention, Ian Underwood, Flo & Eddy, Muslim 8, Lumpy Gravy, Valley Girl, Plastic People, Peaches in Regalia, Brown Shoes Don't Make it, Bow Tie Daddy, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, Montana, Call Any Vegetable, Dead Girls of London, Doreen, Wind Up Workin' in A Gas Station, Camarillo Brillo, GSpot Tornado, Mr. Greenjeans, Uncle Meat, Strictly Gentile, 200 Motels and a lot more.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

1994-05-25 Head On

The four gas giants in the solar system, from ...Image via Wikipedia
Spring 1994 was a time for self-indulgence and reflection, at least on my radio programs. At least I had stopped my annoying habit of NOT reading the play list that Spring. This is a wide variety of semi-techno songs, and many of them my current favorites. The raw beat-beat-beat of the techno I was following had taken on a new ambient flair, which I really appreciated and enjoyed. With some excellent sound clips layered in this is some mighty fine listening, if I do say so myself.

I know it is hard ti think of this kind of music as "relaxing," I really think that this program is actually relaxing.

Music included: Megatonk, Banco de Gaia, Pressure of Speech, Psychic TV, Syzygy, Balil, Daisyglow, Single Cell Orchestra, Hawke, Elements of Trance, Tranquility Base and a lot more.

Download or listen right away (get both parts):
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1994-05-11 Radio Show

The Old JukeboxImage by C.P.Storm via Flickr
This is a program that is not for the audience, but for me. The program contains many of my (then) favorite songs, covering many different styles and genres. If you like a program that changes and is not always the same, this one is for you. I like to listen to this one on a long drive, or perhaps while on a photon-driven trip to Mars without cold sleep. Enjoy if you can.

Music included: Bonzo Dog Band, Sucking Chest Wound, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Gary Clail & the On-U Sound System, Crosley Bendix, Residents, Industrious Fleas, Frank Chickens, Filth, Tapebeatles, Annie Sprinkle, Legendary Pink Dots, Zoviet France, Commodity Fetish, Whitehouse and a lot more.

Download or listen right away (get both parts):
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1994-05-04 Free Palestine

Map showing governorates and areas of formal P...Image via Wikipedia

The 1994 Middle East Accords established a Palestinian Authority. This is all music from the Palestinian diaspora that has sparked some interesting creations. Not what you might think.

Download or listen right away (get both parts):

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1994-04-13 Star Mix

Pleiades Star ClusterImage via Wikipedia
I was buying a lot of techno music at this time, including a lot of anthologies. I would go through them and put a star next to songs I really liked. I then reviewed all these anthologies and listened to the songs marked with stars. Then, I collected all of the stars of stars for this program. It is a lot of fun.

Music included: The lack of a play list really is a tragedy this time, because these are all from a wide variety of groups and I could never remember them all. Oh well, no Tuna voice to distract you, just song after song. Most are from Europe and many of these groups are really one-song wonders that came out of studio sessions.

Download or listen right away:
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1994-03-16 Ka-Spel

Edward Ka-SpelCover of Edward Ka-Spel
Here we have a look at one of my favorite musical mad men, Edward Ka-Spel (various spellings).

Ka-Spel is probably best known as the lead singer, songwriter and co-founder (with Phil "The Silverman" Knight) of the prolific undergroundband The Legendary Pink Dots, in which he was initially known as D'Archangel. He has also released numerous solo albums (initially featuring other members of the Legendary Pink Dots, and later including contributions from Steven Stapleton), and has worked in various side projects, including The Tear Garden (with cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy), and Mimir (with Phil Knight, Christoph Heemann,Jim O'Rourke and others).

His musical output has combined elements of psychedelia, dark folk, goth, industrial, electronic, found noise, sampling, pop and rock in varying degrees. His lyrics have been described as intensely personal and mystical, incorporating recurrent themes from his own personal mythos, and his songwriting and singing have been compared (usually favourably) to Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd. Ka-Spel is a fan of 70's psychedelia as well as Radiohead.

His manner of dress is peculiar. He is rarely seen without wearing a long scarf and either pink or black sunglasses both on and off stage. Earlier on in his career, Ka spel drew black lines on his face and arms, which Phil Knight has referred to as "his cracks," presumably as they resemble the cracked lines in a crumbling statue. Again, as with the sunglasses and scarf, Ka-spel remained constantly in character, wearing the lines at all times. He also often performs barefoot.

Ka-Spel's singing voice is distinctive, especially for listeners outside of England, as it displays characteristics peculiar to the region of England in which he grew up. In addition to his east London/East Anglian accent, Ka-Spel's dialect has what is sometimes misidentified as a lisp, but is actually a form of rhotacism, in which Rs are mispronounced as Ws. This is believed to be a sociolect or a form of "permanent affectation" acquired as a child, rather than a speech disorder as such.

Music included:
Legendary Pink Dots, Ka-Spel solo albums, collaborations and a lot more.

Download or listen right away:
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1994-03-09 Popular Myths

Various mythos.Image via Wikipedia
I love myths. I love to explore them, understand them, make fun of them and also to bust them. Just because it is a myth does not mean that it is not important. A myth is far more powerful than a simple lie, because a myth is something one uses to shape thoughts and views. There are many popular myths that are fun to explore and celebrate. Here are some that I have used music to explore. Some are far more obvious than others.

Music included:
Once again, I did not read a playlist this week. Shame on me. It was a habit during this era. I was supposed to read a playlist, but it was sort of an act of rebellion by me. Silly on my part.

Download or listen right away:
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