Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1987-06-17 Zen Kitchen

Times I will never forget. I was in a band, we did shows, we had performance pieces, bands came to me for names, and a lot of stuff I am still very proud of.

I was so involved in the music scene then. I was working with Kell Fox and Tom Efinger on the Commodity Fetish project. I will also always love Friends of Doctor Mabuse, Stu Nelson and Bill Kirby at the time. We had some great times and recorded music and did performance pieces that I am still very proud of.

Included: Commodity Fetish live at Machine Culture, a big chunk of the show performed at the Billings Center Theater at the University of Vermont. "My time is up." Cuts included: Commoditization of Labor, Zen Kitchen, Television Communists. Then more music: Hula, Residents, Friends of Doctor Mabuse, Susan Deihim & Richard Horowitz, Zoviet France, Sleep Chamber, Heiner Goebbels, and even more.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

1987-04-13 Party Radio Part One

Friday night, long ago, and I have taken to the airwaves to do Party Radio, a regular sign up spot at WRUV-FM. I have taken this chance to flash some of my favorite new alternative music with a slight celebratory air, if such is possible with proto-industrtial music. Part Two seems to have become lost. Kathy Fors is in the studio helping me select songs as only she can.

Music included: Zazou Bikaye CY1, Fats Comet, Hunting Lodge, Chrome, Coil, Data Bank A, Black Sheep, Quinton Crisp, Tuxedomoon, Randy Greif, William S. Burroughs, Acoustic Iatrogenesis and a whole lot more.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

1991-12-25 Blackhouse at Christmas

All during this period I absolutely loved the band BLACKHOUSE. They combined an excellent hard edged sound with a message that was distinct and consistent. It was instructive as well as a lot of fun to the ears. Some great hard grooves to be found here.

The band is a strongly Christian one and their music shows that. So, what better to do on Christmas Day 1991 than to feature a proto-industrial kind of music that wishes happy birthday to Jesus? Much respect to Sterling Cross and Ivo Cutler, the members of the band.

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1987-05-13 Final Examination

commodity fetish
Image by Gastev via Flickr
I can only understand so much, and then it all goes blank.

This program takes place at the conclusion of the spring semester at the University of Vermont, and so in some ways this show tries to recognize that. However, it also celebrates local music culture in Burlington, Vermont as we look at the Commodity Fetish live program that took place at UVM entitled on the previous weekend. Then there is a lot more Commodity Fetish music with some other things thrown in for variety.

Music included: Commodity Fetish, plus some Psychic TV.

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