Sunday, December 31, 2006

1996-11-20 Lucky 7

At this point I am really into a band called System 7. Not only do I like them but I have found a lot of music by them. The natural result is a radio program featuring a lot of their music. This week I featured almost all System 7 and did not read a play list. Wow, I still really like this stuff. You think after ten years it would age a bit for me, but it has not. Check out their web site at .
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1996-12-04 Missing the Point

Something was bothering me this week and I tried to express it through music. It’s vintage 1996 with a lot of spacey techno and not too many voices. I said at the time that I was putting this edition of the College of Musical Knowledge to rest for the remainder of eternity, and now I know that was not true because it has resurfaced here for anyone to experience. Moving. I liked it. Whatever it was that was bothering me, I think I worked it out. I love that last song,
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1996-12-11 33 Years of Doctor Who

Those who know me or are following this blog are aware that I am a huge Doctor Who fan. How can you not love an action series where the main character is neither violet n or sexual? I brought a lot of my sound collections to this show, sharing it and celebrating it. From 1963 on Doctor Who has been an artistic and a critical success. Today, in 2006, it is still a top program on planet Earth. Still love it. I wish I had known in 1996 that in 2006 it would be back and would be a hit. I did not know then, but I always had FAITH.
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