Saturday, August 21, 2010

1985-09-04 Kiss of Death

Kiss of DeathImage by rserrano via Flickr
Not sure why the name, but this is a solid program in the mid-80's style. We seem to have moved on by the more lighthearted new wave and now there is something darker and a bit more techno coming from Europe. But the impetus of the light to fight back was there, and we heard some lighter hearted stuff as well to give it a more rounded sound, even including some Go-Go music.

Music included: Propaganda,  Clan of Xymox, Shriekback, Severed Heads, Ubahn X, tv themes from the 1960's, New Order, Blaine Reininger, Shriekback, Nico, Cure, Propaganda, Sly & Robbie, Icy Hot, D Street, and a lot more.

Click to listen or right click to download.
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