Thursday, March 3, 2011

1988-07-13 What's My Mission Now?

Test Fire of the Phalanx Weapon SystemImage by 17th Fires Brigade via FlickrMy apologies for the long show promo from Pete Painful, but it is a bit humorous. 

The On-U sound system had just released some 12" records and I love them and love playing them. Big beat late 1980's radical dance music with a lot of cool sound clips laid in. Adrian Sherwood is one of my musical heroes. I also like the songs qwith the songs of English football crowds. Nice. The title comes from a killer song about how the military is having a hatrd time finding their proper role. Duh. "If you don't want us to kill people, don't send in the military." The show becomes a bit more industrial ambient as it goes on, but then I like a show with some thematic evolution.

Music included: Mark Stewart and the Maffia, Barmy Army, Tackhead, Gary Clail, Test Department, Straightjacket Bazooka, Sleep Chamber, Women of the SS, Hula, Severed Heads, Negativland, and a lot more. 

Download or listen right away:
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