Sunday, September 16, 2007

1983-01-07 Noise Crisis

This goes back quite a ways, to the very early days of the program. It had started in 1982 and was just now picking up steam. I thought that I was exploring the role of noise in music, but little did I know that for the next 17 years this was to be an ongoing theme that I would come back to time and time again in many different ways. This is, therefore, an early noise exploration, and some might think that it is a little long on music and a little short on noise, but so be it. I was just getting warmed up. It may be more electronica than anything else, but what did we know in 1983?

Music consisted of: Kraftwerk, Art of Noise, China Crisis, Brian Eno, Eno & Fripp, Bjorn Lindt, Jon Hassell, Edgar Froese, and a lot more.

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