Friday, January 21, 2011

1987-12-09 Dark Wednesday

NegativlandCover of NegativlandNot a lot of sunlight in these northern climes, and I am not sure that Jim and Tammy Bakker will shed much light on the situation. But, they are a great mix with some real industrial music. Robert Tilton drops in as well. There is something about industrial music and television evangelism. Oh, and Sister Susan's Astronautica is on the beginning of the show, and I love it when she says, "Tune Tuna in again then, use a radio if you have to."

Music included: Controlled Bleeding, Nocturnal Emissions, Hafler Trio, Blackhouse, Patsy Cline, Frisco Komonoff, Vicky Love, Negativland, Minimal Compact, Missing Brazilians, Renaldo and the Loaf, Zoviet France, Hunting Lodge, and a lot more.

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