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1986-11-19 Nurse with Wound

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This may be the most diverse sound around. I keep buying releases by them and every one of them seems to be different. I just had to give this project its own day.

I like this short introduction:
The deepest throb of electronics pulse and waver beneath six scraped strings. The acid sear of 3rd-eye-aimed lead guitar strikes out: destination - elsewhere. The car-start buzz, the treated feedback trill, the paradigm blast of Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella. In the 18 years since this Nurse With Wound debut LP, they remain unequalled in terms of sheer outsider invention.Housed in a Dada-spewed sleeve of sado-slave imagery and eye-popping surrealist collage, Chance Meeting... (Lautreamont's famous reply to "What is Surrealism?") single-handedly created and defined an aesthetic and was blamed for plenty more. Inside was the near-mythical Nurse 'list' - an A to Z of avant-whup and visionary excess, name-checking the likes of Group 1850, Brainticket, This Heat, Yoko Ono, Cromagnon, Faust, John Cage..."Categories strain, crack and sometimes break, under their burden", reads the text, "Step out of the space provided."
Here is the bio from wikiland:

Nurse with Wound (or shortened as NWW) is the main recording name for British musician Steven Stapleton. Nurse with Wound was originally a band, formed in 1978 by Stapleton, John Fothergill and Heman Pathak.[1][2] The band ranges in many genres such as avant-gardeindustrialnoisedark ambient, and droneTheir early recordings, all made quickly, were heavily influenced by free improvisation and Krautrock and were generally considered industrial music, despite the objections of the group.[edit]By 1981, only Stapleton was left from the original trio and he now regards 1982's Homotopy to Marie, as being the first proper Nurse with Wound release[citation needed]. There are now over 40 full length NWW titles. Stapleton's fondness for dadasurrealism and absurdist humor are demonstrated in much of NWW's output, which, though it draws directly on a wide assortment of genres (including cabaret music, nursery rhymesJohn CageThe Beach Boyskrautrock,[3] ambient music,[4] and easy listening[5]) retains a distinctive and recognizable aura. Musique concrète may be the most prominent touchstone, due to Stapleton's frequent, and often humorous, use of creative tape loops and editing. This aesthetic is fully represented in the artwork on the album covers, virtually all of which is created by Stapleton, mostly under the pseudonym "Babs Santini".[6]

I am just saying this seems like a great way to make a living. Here are some of my favorite NWW.

Download or listen right away:
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