Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1987-06-17 Zen Kitchen

Times I will never forget. I was in a band, we did shows, we had performance pieces, bands came to me for names, and a lot of stuff I am still very proud of.

I was so involved in the music scene then. I was working with Kell Fox and Tom Efinger on the Commodity Fetish project. I will also always love Friends of Doctor Mabuse, Stu Nelson and Bill Kirby at the time. We had some great times and recorded music and did performance pieces that I am still very proud of.

Included: Commodity Fetish live at Machine Culture, a big chunk of the show performed at the Billings Center Theater at the University of Vermont. "My time is up." Cuts included: Commoditization of Labor, Zen Kitchen, Television Communists. Then more music: Hula, Residents, Friends of Doctor Mabuse, Susan Deihim & Richard Horowitz, Zoviet France, Sleep Chamber, Heiner Goebbels, and even more.

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