Saturday, January 26, 2013

1989-03-08 Holy Terror

The collision between fundamentalist Christian evangelism, mostly on television, and contemporary industrial music, gave birth to these sounds and combinations. I implemented this sound-voice-music combination. This may be a bit disturbing at times, but that was probably intended. 

I have nothing against Jesus. From all I can tell he was wonderful. I do have a problem with some who say they speak for him. 

Music included:
Zoviet France, Bob Tilton, Oil City Symphony, Bill Kirby, Front 242, Commodity Fetish, Severed Heads, Maffia, Singalong Kids Chorus, Blackhouse, Tammie Faye Bakker, Burl Ives, Selwyn Cox, Chris & Cosey, 93 Current 93, Tuxedomoon, Trained Circus Dogs, Broken Gene Posse, and a lot more. 

Download or listen right away: