Sunday, November 2, 2008

1995-03-01 Industrial Relapse

At one point I was very into industrial music, and would feature it week after week. I got out of that and into some other stuff, but on this early spring day I felt in the mood to revisit some of those sounds in a sort of industrial relapse. This 90 minute exploration into a different part of the acoustic realm, the industrial roots, may either delight or anger you. Activate your cranial implant node, and here we go. By the way, am I a real doctor?

Music included: Nurse with Wound, Einsturzende Neaubauten, Whitehouse, Blackhouse, Coil, Lustmord, Controlled Bleeding, Test Department, Autopsia, Merzbow and a lot more.

Click to listen, right click to download:

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