Saturday, November 1, 2008

1989-08-09 Down on the Brain Farm

The 1989 version of the summer debate institute was in full swing, and I took some time out from the sessions to do this radio show. The topic was agriculture, and out t-shirt had been one where we said "We grow them big, down on the brain farm." It was such a good slogan we used it later about 12 years later.

Lots of fun in this one. Music included: Android Sisters, Negativland, J. Edgar Hoover, Ebn-Ozn, the Clash, Laurie Anderson, Bill Nelson, Chumbawamba, Made for TV, Chris & Cosey, Renaldo & the Loaf, the Timelords, Maskd Men, Propaganda, the Residents, Severed Heads, Psychic TV, Tammie Faye Bakker, Sleep Chamber, Sound Effects of Godzilla, and a lot more.

Get both parts! Click to listen, right click to download:

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