Saturday, August 15, 2009

1984-10-12 Water

Drunk waterImage by eyesore9 via Flickr

I was sort of into doing theme programs during this period (I was still rather new to radio) and I decided to do one about water. Combining lots of songs about water, water sound effects and other trivia I put together this show. It is amazing how when you start doing something like this people listening buy into it and begin sending you requests -- requests for water songs you never would have thought of. Thanks to all of them. Oh, and Godzilla comes from beneath the sea, you know. From the Island of the Zombies to sailor songs to some funky surf music, this is, indeed, a random collection.

Something to listen to while you are isolated in a hot desert without enough to drink. NOT!

Click to listen, right click to download, get both parts:

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