Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1988-01-11 What Pure Pop Won't Carry

Luigi Russolo with his assistant Ugo Piatti an...Image via WikipediaPure Pop records has been very important in my musical growth through the years. But, although they have carried some impressively experimental music, they are still a store ando tend to stock normal music, although they have helped me special order some interesting stuff. But, there is a beyond to this. This program mostly carries music that Pure Pop won't carry, mostly imports. So, I went record shopping in Montreal and this is some of what I found. Of course, everything sounds better with a bit of television evangelism scattered over it.

Music included: Zoviet France, Graeme Revell and the Insect Musicians, and a lot of stuff that got cut off by the end of the tape when I was reading the play list. Oh well.

Download or listen right away:

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