Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1988-09-21 Fall of the Castle

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Akira Kurosawa is my favorite director, and his films have had a huge impact on me. I took tracks from Ran and mixed them in with some music to create this radio program. That theme breaks down a bit after the first 20 minutes, but the overall feel of the show continues. I often take inspiration for radio programs from such places, just like music gives me inspiration for fiction writing and even academic writing. Cross fertilization, perhaps?

Music included: Ran soundtrack, Manufacture, Severed Heads, SPK, Borghesia, Abdo-Men, Wavy Gravy, Acooustic Iatrogenesis, Psychic TV, Commodity Fetish, Klinik, Test Department, Numb, Negativland and a lot more.

Download or listen right away:
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