Saturday, June 25, 2011

1986-10-08 Subliminal

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I just want to say two things.
First, modern research shows that attempts at subliminal persuasion fail.
Second, if I told you what the subliminal message was behind this radio program, it would ruin it.

Sorry about the two PSAs at the beginning.

Music included: Gary Clail and the On-U Sound System, Data Bank A, Chrome, Nocturnal Emissions, Residents, Women of the SS, Faust, Fifth Column Anthology, Jackhammer 5, Maybe Mental, Joy Division, Hula, Damon Edge, 93 Current 93, Princess Tiny Meat and a lot more.

Download or listen right away:
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Espana said...

This truly is awful "music". However, we should always try to find a positive or learn a lesson and here is what I take away. Parents: Please do not praise your kids for every silly thing they do and tell them how unique and creative they are when, they are in fact, not. Push, encourage to do better, teach, instruct, etc and when it's time, be realistic. This is an album made by people who's parents should have encouraged them to get real jobs.