Sunday, August 7, 2011

1988-03-02 New Europe

New electronic music from Europe featured here. But, before that just a word from my favorite TV evangelist, Robert Tilton, and a new song by Commodity Fetish, then a wandering stroll through the mostly European playlist. I marked American bands with an asterisk. At this point the USA is sort of in a post new wave funk, and Europe is boldly moving forward into a new approach to music.

Controlled Bleeding*, John Lurie, Winston Tong overlays from Jo Boy, Susan Deihim, Stockholm Monsters, Blaine Reininger, Durutti Column, Family Fodder, Bel Canto, Acoustic Iatrogenesis*, Current 93, Minimal Compact, Legendary Pink Dots, Chris and Cosey, Damon Edge, Son of Sam*.

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