Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1988-09-07 Slice of Life

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Nice public service announcement from Bernie Sanders telling students not to make so much noise to start off this acoustic item. I guess I just wasn't into reading play lists at this point in time, so it is a guess at best as to what is contained here. Many of the usual suspects, but a few completely unidentifiable items. I have a nice rebuke of Satan near the end, in the name of Berube.

Here are just a few of the music sources i did indicate after my noise pollution rant:
Lustmord, Psychic TV, Zoviet France, Telepathic Request, Nocturnal Emissions, and a lot more. I also hear Residents and Hula in there. There is a nice timeline Nocturnal Emissions thing at the middle.

Two themes here are noise controls by the city and noise from your radio. No escape from noise, apparently. What kinds of noise? What is noise pollution to some is just another request for something on my radio show.

Download or listen right away:

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