Saturday, May 14, 2011

1993-07-14 Dark in Bright

Black Sun, sunset negative.Image via WikipediaKenneth Burke called it perspective through incongruity. There can be lights that are so bright they are wholly black. There is a sweetness so strong that it becomes bitter. There is sound training that defeats you. This radio program is a vain attempt to explore that concept in a musical way.

Kenneth Burke:
In a sense, incongruity is the law of the universe; if not the mystic’s universe, then the real and multiple universe of daily life … Table, chairs, and diners are congruous, since experience has made them so. But table, chairs, living diner, and a dining lady manikin are incongruous. The result is a perspective with interpretative ingredients.We contend that "perspective by incongruity" makes for a dramatic vocabulary, with weighting and counter-weighting, in contrast with the liberal ideal of neutral naming in the characterization of processes.

Music included: Nocturnal Emissions, Chrome, Psyclones, Blackhouse, Laibach, Klinik, Coil, Portion Control, 400 Blows, Konstructivits, Damon Edge, Basilisk, Sounds from a Night of Terror and a lot more.

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