Saturday, May 14, 2011

1985-09-15 Divestment Terror

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The question at hand is the divestment of university investments from the apartheid regime of South Africa. The campus is rising in protest, words are being exchanged, and my radio show seemed like a good time to do that. Many of the sound bits here are from the university open public meeting considering the issue. They are mixed together in a strange pattern. The university board of trustees had deadlocked on the motion to divest, and the chair voted against openly and in defiance of the popular will.

I am a bit surprised I did not receive some form of punishment during this period, because I openly mocked many major university administrators by using their own voices. That is always a dangerous tactic.

This is a my version of the program "One True Radio" and offered itself as free form radio with rotating hosts each week. Very late on a weeknight.

Download or listen right away, get both parts:

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