Thursday, May 26, 2011

1993-12-08 EuroTech Seven

mixing mixer party dance music creative commonsImage by zoutedrop via FlickrNew tech dance music from Europe coming out of several anthologies I had managed to acquire. If you listen to it 15-20 years later it does not sound so unique, because it is a sound that has triumphed in the general marketplace. Thus, this may not sound alternative to you, but it clearly was alternative at the time. And still sounding pretty damn good.

Music included: Oscillators, Mato Grosso, Felix, Datura, Tranceform, XRay, Sound Factory, Mocha, Lost Tracks 3, Beyond the B Sides, Shamen, Brain Wave, Oxy, Real to Real, Model 300, Gypsy, Psychic TV, Age of Love, and a lot more.

Download or listen right away, get both parts:

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