Thursday, May 26, 2011

1993-11-03 Industrial Neolithic

Romanian artifact from the Neolithic period of...Image via Wikipedia
Although it is clearly industrial music, it also has a very primitive, almost a Neolithic feel to it. The clanging may be from metal not yet made in the Neolithic period, and the humming might be from mechanical processes still in the distant future, still there is a very wild, uncivilized and yet very free Neolithic feel to the atmopshere created. If you are looking for an acoustic experience on a gray day or a dark night (with just a few lights, enough to create shadows) this is for you.

Music included: Zoviet France (a lot of it), Controlled Bleeding, PTV3, Z'Ev, Psychic TV, Nocturnal Emissions and a lot  more.

"Shouting at the ground will not help it hear any better."

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