Monday, March 7, 2011

1991-01-23 War Fever

The War MachinesImage via WikipediaIt is starting to fire up again, the feeling that we are so opposed to something some other country is doing that we need to go there, destroy their efforts and kill those who get in our way. I stand totally and completely opposed to this. This program is an effort on my part to communicate that to my audience.  Much thanks for Kurozawa's movie Ran and Gwynne Dyer's documentary War for sound bites.

Music included: Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Coil, Laibach,  Clash,  New order,  19, Tackhead, Green Beret, Legendary Pink Dots,  William S. Burroughs,  Consolidated,  Gary Clail, Keith Leblanc,  Commodity Fetish,  Xmal Deutchland and a lot more. No play list here, so I did what I could, and twice listed the song titles instead of the groups.

Download or listen right away:
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