Sunday, March 6, 2011

1989-12-06 Hallucination Generation

The butterfly in Homer's hallucination was cre...Image via WikipediaIt's that TV evangelist song about the "doctor" again and I just can't resist it. But, before very long the hallucination music starts to take over.  One thing I like abut this show is that it changes pretty quickly and doesn't fall into a rut, which sometimes happens with my airtime. This one was fast paced. And, let's face it, if you want a hallucination you want some variety. "I got a big balloon at my doctor."

Music included: Gerbert Singers, Gary Clail, Pankow, Controlled Bleeding, Blackhouse, Coldcut, Keith Leblanc, Gruesome Twosome, Boy Toy, Positive, Change This Circus, SuckerMuzak, Barmy Army, Clock DVA, Cat Rapes Dog, Skinny Puppy, Chris & Cosey and a lot more.

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