Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1991-11-20 Coil Special

...And the Ambulance Died in His ArmsImage via WikipediaCoil had rapidly become one of my favorite bands, as much for the diversity of their sound as anything else. 

Coil was an English cross-genreindustrial experimental musicgroup formed in 1982 by John Balance—later credited as "Jhonn Balance"—and his partner Peter Christopherson, aka "Sleazy".[1]The duo worked together on a series of releases before Balance chose the name Coil, which he claimed to be inspired by theomnipresence of the coil's shape in nature. Today, Coil remains one of the most influential and best known industrial musicgroups.

And John Balance died...

John Balance died on 13 November 2004 after having fallen from a second floor landing in his home. Peter Christopherson announced Balance's death on the Threshold House website and provided details surrounding the tragedy. Balance's memorial service was held near Bristol on November 23 and was attended by approximately 100 people.[20] On 25 November 2004 Christopherson announced he was in agreement with Balance's partner, Ian Johnstone, that any releases, either as Coil or solo work that Balance was working on at the time of his death, would be put on hold. They decided that time was needed to mourn Balance's passing, recuperate from the loss, and assess the quality of the unreleased work. It was also decided that existing video, audio and other works that were in various states of completion at the time of Balance's death would eventually be released under the name Coil, and all other planned appearances and releases would be canceled. The already-planned live album ...And The Ambulance Died In His Arms was released in April 2005, the name having been chosen by Balance before his death.

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