Thursday, March 3, 2011

1988-07-20 Seven Blessings Coming

oral roberts universityImage by davidsilver via FlickrOral Roberts was a very successful Christian evangelist and television preacher. We begin with one of his most amazing performances, getting 5000 people to hold up their wallets and pray for financial deliverance. Wow. Music behind it all, of course, and the whole program isn't about that, but there are a few instances of people asking you for money. Yes, just send money to them and you will get seven blessings coming! Plus, this program has a lot of cool and semi-harsh rockin' tunes.

Music includes: Gary Clail, SPK, Damon Edge, Hula, Test Department, Cabaret Voltaire, Laibach, Chris & Cosey, Keith Leblanc, Wiseblood, Chrome, Bill Nelson and a lot more.

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