Friday, March 4, 2011

1988-11-02 25 Years of Doctor Who

The Doctor's calling card (from Remembrance of...Image via WikipediaAnother chance to celebrate my favorite television show, Doctor Who. With a lot of sound clips, sound effects and related music, this is an attempt to have fun with the subject of time travel and the Doctor's use of it. When you have a lead character who is both non-violent and non-sexual, you need to have some clever plot lines and devices. Well, this show does. When I did this program I could never have predicted that by 2011 Doctor Who would be completely reborn and so popular as to defy even my imagination. Three cheers for the Doctor.

Music included: the Timelords, samples from a variety of Doctor Who television episodes as well as audio adventures,  Doctor Who Sound Effects, and a lot more.

Download or listen right away:
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