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1993-01-13 Drums of Islam

War in the Middle EastImage by Stewf via FlickrThis is a look at the band Muslimgauze.

From Network News interview by Nigel Ayers (September, 1990)

How do you compose/ make your music, is it from samples, or are the tunes you play traditional middle-eastern melodies? What motivates you, why do you do it?
Every piece of music Muslimgauze releases is motivated by a political fact, mostly Palestinian, also Iran and Afghanistan are of great interest. Muslimgauze usually take a word or action etc. and from that evolves a basic idea, which is then altered etc. until the finished pieces come to life. I view samples as theft, blatant theft of Kraftwerk and James Brown is common by people with no ideas of their own, these people should be taken to court and erased from view.
Muslimgauze try to construct their own sound, using their own ideas, a basic backbone of Middle Eastern influences, sounds not falling into the 'Arabian Nights' trap all other Western bands fall into.
Motivation is the injustice of the Palestinians, the Zionist aggression against innocent people who have had all they owned taken from them by Zionists using American money and arms. .
The time is coming when everybody and every country will have to take sides, pro-PLO or pro-Zionist, the war to resolve this is not far away.

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