Sunday, January 14, 2007

1992-03-25 Sabotage Culture

This program salutes the release of the Sabotage Culture CD. It features music from Vermont bands of a quite experimental nature. Comodity Fetish, Eric Huffman, Shadow Work, Acoustic Iatrogenesis and Marvin X & 174K2. I was involved in three of the groups, Commodity Fetish, Shadow Work and Acoustic Iatrogenesis. Those were great days.

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smugjuggler said...

Doctor Tuna!
I was raised in the town of Milton and must have listened to your show in the late 1980s before I graduated from high school. One band name that always stuck in my head was "Commodity Fetish", probably from hearing this show & from DJ talk at the Border's underage dance nights.
I never really got into computers or the web until this year, so when I thought of it I looked their name up and found your website.
Incredible! This is the first really cool website I found by myself, and it's the coolest music site I know of, yet. I found it in late January, and downloaded about 75 "College of Musical Knowledge" and "Reggae Lounge" shows, and rediscovered this whole parallel world of music that came out in the 80s which NO-one seems to play anymore. I've never heard most of it, anyway. This blog is a motherload of obscure & terrific music from the 80s and 90s.
Nuff said!