Monday, January 22, 2007

1995-10-11 Gaia High

A lot of techno-ambient fun here as I play some of my current (as in October 1995) favorites. Here's to James Lovelock, the Gaia guy, who argued that the planet is actually an organic whole that reacts to and often adapts (not necessarily in ways we like) to changes in the ecology. Music includes: Banco de Gaia, Biosphere, Alaska, DJ Crystal, Air Liquide, Irresistable Force, and a lot more.

The Gaia Hypothesis is explained here, at
What is the hypothesis of Gaia ? Stated simply, the idea is that we may have discovered a living being bigger, more ancient, and more complex than anything from our wildest dreams. That being, called Gaia, is the Earth.
More precisely: that about one billion years after it's formation, our planet was occupied by a meta-life form which began an ongoing process of transforming this planet into its own substance. All the life forms of the planet are part of Gaia. In a way analogous to the myriad different cell colonies which make up our organs and bodies, the life forms of earth in their diversity coevolve and contribute interactively to produce and sustain the optimal conditions for the growth and prosperity not of themselves, but of the larger whole, Gaia. That the very makeup of the atmosphere, seas, and terrestrial crust is the result of radical interventions carried out by Gaia through the evolving diversity of living creatures.

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