Thursday, January 25, 2007

1995-05-17 System 01

Inspired by the System 01 CD that uses electronic music along with the spoken words of Timothy Leary, I crafted this radio show. Leary says a lot of stuff that I thought only I said, and then all of a sudden there is this CD with him seemingly reading my script. Everything from "infecting the minds of young people with the idea of human freedom" to the "think for yourself" line. Of course, lots of other stuff is also included for listening pleasure, sort of in the light media ecology mode. Music included: Sucking Chest Wound, System 01, Producrs for Bob, My Life in the Thrill Kill Cult, Kode 4, Hilt, Severed Heads, Coil, Orbital, Daisyglow, Hawk, and a lot more. Kind of a lot of my more extreme sample favorites, I especially love that Thrill Kill Cult song, "The Devil does drugs."

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