Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1992-10-21 Rave Up for My Country

I was feeling a lot more critical than patriotic as the couintry approached the 1992 edlection. Rough techno with social commentary thrown in to keep it real. Like: Sucking chest wound, 2 Fabiola, the Timelords, some mega-remixes, and no play list, so I have no idea what a lot of this big beat stuff is. Listening to it 24 years later it sounds pretty cool and has lasted well given its largely electronic nature.

There are three ways to listen to these radio programs, and we offer them in suggested order:
1. Right click the link and download the file. Place it into your iTunes application and listen away!
2. Right click on the link and download the file. Click on the file when it has downloaded and your default mp3 player will launch.
3. Click on the link and you will be able to listen to the file online while it downloads.

Listen by clicking, download by right clicking on:

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