Saturday, January 20, 2007

1996-04-03 Answers Come in Dreams

The snow answers come in dreams

(idea) by etouffee (2.5 hr) (print) ? 2 C!s Thu Apr 01 2004 at 6:48:43

The snow answers
Come in dreams
Light flakes setting into
Heavy drifts
Fractured landscapes made
Whole and seamless

Footsteps in front of us
Are our own
Small dark holes in milky white

We make our way homeward
Past sentinel light posts
Row houses with rectangle windows filled with yellow light

The snow answers
Windblown murmurs
Come in dreams

Some beats and some grooves. Very prescient music. Music included: DJ Spike, Coil, Air Liquide, Syzygy, DIMO, Banco de Gaia and more.

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smugjuggler said...


I never went on a roller coaster in my life (and I'm 35!) I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain in LA with this song on my Ipod and this was the soundtrack to my first dozen-or-so roller coaster experiences, including all the cockamamie ones where you're rolling lying backwards or flying Superman-like under the track & doing all kinds of loops…
fuckin AWESOME!!!!

One of your very best shows, Doctor Tuna.