Thursday, January 25, 2007

1995-07-05 Alien Mind Screens

William S. Burroughs is inspirational even when he doesn't want to be. A few Burroughs lines laid over music, some other voices, some hints of outer space stuff, some other music and before you know if you have a strange afternoon radio program. That is what this is. Music included: Wiliam Burroughs, Banco de Gaia, T99, Future Sound of London, Producers for Bob, Coil, Schizophrenia, Horizon 222, Locust, Materiale and more.

Right click to download, click to listen, get both parts:


smugjuggler said...

Is there more?
I'm not complaining, you've given us PLENTY to chew upon. I just discovered this website in late January, when much of it was blogged. It's so fantastic, I just had to mention how much I appreciate it. You are the ultimate musical professor.

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